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Custom Surfboards since 1967

Hank Warner Say's, "Ride your own wave."Welcome to HankWarner.com and thanks for stopping by. A California shaping legend, Hank Warner has shaped well over 25,000 surfboards since 1967. Specializing in building custom surfboards designed to your exact specifications is our business.

With 43 plus years of surfing and the experience of working with the most influential craftsmen and surfers in the world helps Hank to interrupt your needs. Hank is a true craftsman dedicated to meeting the custom surfboard needs of each individual surfer.

"My goal is to understand the needs of a surfer and then to create the means for them to realize their full potential in the water."

We build surfboards for every purpose through experience and innovation developed over the past 40 years. We can do it for you or your customers at select surf shops around the world.

Please feel free to Contact Hank by email or telephone if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, order or begin designing your own custom surfboard.